Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot
Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot
Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot
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Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot
Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot
Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot

Dolphin S300 Pool Cleaning Robot

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Electric cleaning robot for your swimming pool

For pools up to 12 m, opt for the S300 robot pool cleaner which offers optimal cleaning thanks to its intelligent navigation! A connected pool robot!

  • Robot for swimming pools up to 12 m, cleans bottom, walls and water line, compatible with all shapes and all types of coatings:

The S300 pool cleaner robot is designed to clean pools up to 12 m. Compatible with all types of coatings and all pool shapes, the S300 robotic pool cleaner offers you complete cleaning coverage, bottom walls and water line. Treat yourself to more comfort when cleaning your pool with the S300 robot pool cleaner.

  • Robot with multi-layer filtration system that separates and filters debris, fine and ultra-fine dirt:

The S300 robot pool cleaner has an all-season filter with a filtration fineness of 50/100 microns, so its multi-layer filtration system separates and filters debris, fine and ultra-fine dirt. Its double level of filtration allows you to clean your pool in all circumstances and whatever the state of your pool! The S300 robot pool cleaner is truly designed to offer you the best in terms of cleaning, it removes the impurities present in your pool and sucks them up with ease, to offer you clear and crystalline water all year round!

  •  Robot pool cleaner with navigation and intelligent cleaning:

The robotic pool cleaner gives you full coverage of the pool when cleaning it. Indeed, equipped with the PowerStream System movement system with multidirectional water outlets, this robot pool cleaner moves intelligently by scanning your pool, to offer you the most optimal cleaning. In addition, thanks to its advanced CleverClean™ sweeping, the robot pool cleaner has precise control of navigation, for a complete and efficient maintenance of your swimming pool.

  •  Robot cleaner with manual control:

The pool cleaner S300 also offers you the possibility of manual control. Indeed, you want your pool cleaner robot to focus on a particular place? You just need to remote control it via your smartphone or tablet! This gives you the option of manually controlling your S300 robot pool cleaner! 

  •  Pool robot with 2 cycles to choose from:

Choose the cleaning mode that best suits your needs! Indeed, you can choose from the cleaning methods offered to obtain a complete cleaning of your pool in 2 hours or a faster cleaning, in half the time! 

  •  Pool cleaner robot connected via the  MyDolphin Plus app:

The little extra? The S300 pool cleaner robot is a connected pool robot. All you have to do is download the MyDolphin Plus app for free on your tablet or smartphone and you're done! You will be able to control your pool cleaner robot from wherever you want! Connected in real time, you will be able to program your S300 pool cleaner remotely, configure cleaning programs, choose modes, get real-time notifications, set the timer... Control your S300 pool cleaner from anywhere!

  •  Light robot, easy to move, equipped with a transport trolley:

You will appreciate the lightness of this pool cleaner robot, indeed with its weight of only 7.5 kg, it becomes very easy to put it in water or, after cleaning, to take it out of the pool. In addition, for easier movement and storage, the S300 robot pool cleaner comes with a cart.

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