pH Minus Reducer 5kg

pH Minus Reducer 5kg

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A neutral pH is essential for swimming in complete serenity.

pH minus 5kg pool reduces a pH that is too high and thus allows you to find balanced water. pH minus is in a fast dissolving, residue-free powder form for immediate results.

Swimming pool minus pH lowers a pH level that is too high:

During the maintenance of your pool, did you detect a pH level that was too high? To find a neutral pH level, it is therefore necessary to lower the pH level present in the water by using pH minus. In the form of a rapidly dissolving powder, pH minus is residue-free, it lowers the pH until the ideal pH level for swimming is obtained. A neutral pH, that is to say between 7.2 and 7.4, is essential for swimming and for treating your pool water because it improves the effectiveness of treatment products.

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