Chlorine Reducer 5L
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Chlorine Reducer 5L

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Is your swimming pool water over chlorinated?

With the JD Stop chlorine neutraliser, effectively eliminate all excess chlorine from your swimming pool!

  • JD Stop Chlorine Neutraliser effectively removes excess chlorine from your pool water.
  • Thanks to its rapid action, this pool treatment product actively destroys excess chlorine in your pool after approximately 30 minutes.
  • It warns of the risks of a swimming pool overdosed in chlorine.
  • JD Stop is the ideal swimming pool product to solve a problem of overdose of chlorine in a swimming pool.
  • The JD Stop Chlorine Neutraliser can also be used if you want to change the treatment for your pool water.
  • For 10 m3 of water: 10 to 15 ml to reduce the chlorine level by 0.5 mg/L.

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